The Style range is now available directly from our on-line shop: “https://shop.andrewgrillet.uk”

Student table

Andrewgrillet Furniture manufactures and sells cardboard furniture designed by Andrew Grillet – designs that have been described as “The Origami of Furniture”. Unlike many others, Andrew’s designs look like elegant but conventional furniture – but are far lighter and easier to assemble.

All items can be assembled without glue, tools, metal parts, or even skill!

If you want or need furniture that looks good now, and you won’t need it forever, this is the answer you need. Our ranges cover children’s play tables to banqueting tables and office furniture. Whether you are involved in education, entertainment, hospitality, event organisation, sales presentation, facilities management or disaster relief, we have the answer you have been waiting for.

On the beach

Our ranges meet different needs, and cover a wide range of sizes: tops range from 360 x 480mm to 1.6m x 800mm, but all are available in 3 heights – the equivalent of coffee table, dining table, and kitchen worktop heights. The Style range now offers the even shorter “Beach Table” for use on holiday!

Choose the Style range for good looking, practical designs. Choose the Robust range for solid designs for events or commercial catering.

Picnic Table and Child’s Stool

The standard finish is plain Kraft paper, for volume orders, customisation is possible – ranging from special colours to special sizes. Andrew claims to be able to produce a table the size of a standard pallet (1.2m x 1m)  that will carry 1,000kg!

All our furniture is made from not less than 60% recycled material, and is 100% recyclable. it is stylish, robust, lightweight, cheap and convenient.

Most designs are strong enough to withstand an average person sitting on them, and while not waterproof, they will withstand a brief shower – and possibly more. If you expect rain, or food and drink spills, we recommend you use a plastic table cloth.