About Andrew Grillet

Andrew Grillet has a long background in original design and woodwork. Early in 2015, he set out to design wooden furniture, using modern CNC cutting techniques. This meant learning CAD design in place of the old drawing board technology he was used to. As part of his CAD software training, he had to do a project, so he designed a coffee table.

He was planning to make it from plywood using the CNC machine, but the CNC machine required more training, and he was unable to take the course because the specialist trainer was on sick leave. While waiting for his training to be rescheduled, he made some prototypes out of cardboard to check the joints would fit correctly.

As soon as the first prototype was assembled, it became very popular with laptop users. A second and third were made, refining the design until it became the Style range you see here!

He then added the very handy “End” table,  based on an 18th century design he admired, but adapted to suit the nature of cardboard. It was immediately popular with people drinking beer and watching the big game on TV. This gradually became the Classic range.

Then, at the request of a friend and former business partner, he made the first of the stronger “Robust” range for wedding venues.

And, as they say,  the rest is history!