Accomodation and Housing

Picnic table with fruit
Picnic table with fruit bowl

If you are in the business of providing temporary or housing, then our furniture is for you. Whether you need to furnish a show flat or provide accommodation for students or temporary workers, Bed and Breakfasts or anywhere that requires furniture that looks great, and is robust but inexpensive, then we have the products for you.

The Student table from the Style range is great if you need a table for eating or using a laptop in a confined space. The Picnic table can be used in bed-sits or lounges, or even a shared reception area.

The Robust range gives you a wide choice of more solid furniture. While it includes a coffee table, it also has a choice of dining tables for family use, and the larger sizes are ideal for canteens and communal areas.

The light weight of cardboard furniture reduces management problems, particularly where furniture must be moved – whether in the course of deployment, or for cleaning, and the low cost is an extra benefit if your budget is limited.

Sample Sani-t 8
Sani-t 8 litre

We also offer the Sani-t recyclable bins for sanitary use – ideal for communal spaces. No need to wash or sterilise bins. If usage is low, simply dispose of the entire bin and contents in the general waste. If higher quantities of waste are involved, you will still need a contractor to collect the waste, but not to provide the washing, and replacement requires less manpower, so over all, your costs are reduced.