Children: Nursery, Playgroup, School

If you run a nursery, playgroup or school or just have children, the Style has many items that will interest you.

Picnic table with Child’s Stool

Cardboard furniture is wonderful for children – it is strong but light, so they can move it around themselves without trouble, and it is very safe – there is no risk of it causing injury if it falls on even the smallest child.

You can always use the Children’s stool: a compact item that can be assembled by older children, and is strong, light, comfortable and cheap. Even the smallest child can carry one, and, with your permission, they can decorate it to their own tastes! You can use the stool with the Picnic table for one to four children (although workspace is rather limited with four children at one table).

Two Child’s Stools on one side of a Playgroup table

For larger groups, use the Playgroup table which is suitable for up to eight children, dependent on the size of the children, and the kind of activity you give them.

When they are old enough to work at a normal dining table, you can use the Student Table or Gaming Table and Adult Stools instead. You get all the same advantages for very little extra cost.

As these are relatively low cost items, and we offer sets of the most popular selections: two stools and a picnic table, four stools, or four stools and a Playgroup table.

All our furniture is made from recycled materials, and is 100% recyclable. It won’t last for ever – but what does with children? You can expect to get several months use in most cases, and it is cheap and easy to replace if damaged.