Events Management

Whether you organise events or operate a venue, our furniture is for you. All of our products are ideal for short deployments requiring large numbers of items.

If you are having a child’s birthday party, a beach party or barbecue, then the Picnic table is perfect – The light weight and small size makes them easy to take to the venue, and they are quick and simple to recycle afterwards. The fact that it can be recycled saves time when cleaning up afterwards – or the products can be given to visitors – eliminating all disposal problems completely!

Picnic, Student and Beach tables from the Style range

The Student or Teacher tables from the Style range make great workstations on exhibition stands, while the Robust range offers numerous opportunities to display wares or promotional materials. When you factor in the costs of losses and breakages that you can incur with rental, we are often cheaper for a one day event!

And don’t forget, many of the products can be branded to promote your company! If you are organising something on the scale of a music festival, you should consider selling branded Picnic tables as memorabilia – they are cheap, compact to transport, and it is easy to recycle used ones. They are also safe if there is any trouble.

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