Holiday, Camping and Caravan

Our tables are always a winner on holiday:

Keep your sandwiches out of the sand!

While sitting on a deck chair on the beach, the Picnic table is the perfect way to keep sand* out of the family’s sandwiches on the beach.

They are very light – you can take it home with you – even a five year old can carry it. It costs about the same as two fast-food meals. Then use it again the next day, so that value is spread over several days. Then they can be recycled painlessly!

Even better for holiday resorts and camp sites – they can sell branded tables: the holiday maker buys a table for use while they are away – then takes it home and talks to friends and family over a table with contact details prominently displayed. For months afterwards, the table is promoting your holiday resort or caravan site in the comfort of a family home, with the word of mouth recommendation and praise from the happy camper! There is no stronger promotion tool than that! And after they leave, a new family will replace them, buy another table – and produce more profit for you.

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* Works for dogs and insects too.