The Robust range consists of dining tables covering 600mm x 600mm to 1,600mm x 800mm – from a small kitchen table to a banqueting table suitable for weddings. They are the European standard 735mm height for dining tables. However, coffee table height of 500mm – popular for displays and a 900mm kitchen worktop height for serving food or drinks are also available.

Apart from cost, a big advantage over conventional tables is their very light weight. The 800mm x 800mm dining table weighs less than 2kg – you can lift it with one hand! The light weigh makes it very easy to lay out an entire wedding banquet in a matter of minutes. And after the meal, you can clear the hall for dancing equally quickly.

The light weight eases the problem and cost of transport too – in place of a large truck, you can easily get over 50 large tables into a transit van. The light weight also makes them suitable for helicopter transport to remote locations. Despite their light weight, they are very strong – the coffee table has been shown to survive someone weighing 150kg sitting on it, and the standard height version should be equally strong. Another advantage is that the light weight and relatively soft material means that if a fight breaks out, no one will be hurt by the tables. A feature that may also make them useful props for stage or screen.

Designed to be temporary, they are intended to be a replacement for rental furniture which would be competitive in price – except that, while rental furniture incurs the cost of transport for return, and then additional charges for losses and damage, with our furniture, you just recycle it. Although described as temporary, we know of examples that still in daily use after 6 months.