Sample Sani-t 8

The Sani-t is a range of recyclable cardboard bins for sanitary use. They are perfect for:

Small businesses, who are required to provide sanitary bins in all women’s toilets, but have a low level of use, so do not wish to employ specialist contractors to manage the service. The Sani-t 8 is an 8 litre bin can be disposed of legally in general industrial waste as the contents will weigh less than 7kg.

Hotels, care homes and other residential establishments – especially where image and eco-friendliness is important – can also use the Sani-t 8. They have the option to use with or without liners according to  the service life required. Dependent on size of the establishment and volume of use, contractors may still be required to remove the discarded product, but cost and management overheads will still be reduced compared to a full  cleaning service.

The larger Sani-t 30, a 30 litre bin, is available for high usage locations such as airports, motorway service stations, and pubs. It is similar in appearance to the smaller model, but does not have the handle, but is more robust and able to survive wet or even flooded floors for much longer.


Sani-t 8 litre bin in use
  • Flip-over lid – can be used with or without a plastic liner.
  • Eco friendly and compatible with recycling schemes.
  • Single piece construction – easy to transport and deploy
  • Circular opening with fingers – can be used without lifting the lid, contents hidden from view.
  • Lid held closed – cannot spill if tipped over.
  • Handle allows up to 4 used bins to be carried in one hand (8 litre only).
  • Very low cost – competitive with cost of conventional bins that need cleaning

Colour: off white with silver/grey stripe. Sani-t 8 dimensions: Floor plan 200 x 180 (8” x 7”). Height sloping from 160 to 250 (6” to 10”), excluding the handle. Weight 200gms. Minimum 60% recycled board, 100% recyclable. Supplied folded flat, as 1,400 pieces per pallet, bundled in sets of 20 (approx 4kg).