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The Style range is simple, attractive, cheap and can be assembled without tools, metal parts, glue, or even skill! It is equally simple to take apart.

The standard tops are 480mm X 480mm (approximately 20″) perfect for one or two users. Ideal for use at home, at work at college, or on holiday, this is our most popular range. The Picnic table (500mm high) is our best seller. It can be used anywhere you would use a small coffee table – bedroom, lounge, office reception area, holiday home, or on the beach – keep your sandwiches out of the sand, anyone? And the retail price is about the same as take away food for two!

The slightly taller Student table (735mm high, 29″) is the height of a

The Student table

standard dining table, and, while popular with students for exactly that purpose, it is equally popular for laptops and drinks! And you can always take it to pieces and stuff it behind the bed when you need the space for something else.

The tallest of the range – the Teacher table – is 900mm high (36″) and is perfect for the front of the class, for an overhead projector, for making your presentation or working at a laptop while standing up – why not save your back for better things?

The shortest member of the Style range is the Child’s Stool. At 430mm high (17″), with a top which is 340mm x 340mm (13.5″).

The Child’s Stool works well with the Picnic or Playgroup tables, and is suitable for both adults or children (it has been tested to carry 150kg – the British Standard for domestic seating). The Playgroup table is similar to the the Picnic table, but with a larger top (640 x 640) so it can accommodate four adults or up to eight children. (The picture on the left shows how two Child’s Stools fit along one side of the Playgroup table).

The Adult Stool is 500 high – same as a dining chair, and can be used with the Student or Gaming tables. The Gaming table is similar to the Student table, but with a larger top (640 x 640) it can accommodate four adults – ideal for playing cards or board games. (The picture on the right shows a Gaming table with two adult stools).

In business? Why not use these tables at your events or exhibitions? They are cheap enough for a single use, and far easier to transport and assemble than any alternative.

Picnic table kit

The Style designs are based on four identical interlocking legs, which present great opportunities for branding – your brand is visible on all four sides, and you get the advantage of better volume pricing! Alternatively, you can have a picture printed on the top – where people cannot miss it!

Boxed items are individually wrapped for retail sales. All items can be supplied in bundles of 20 without packaging materials. For larger quantities, products can be shipped on separate pallets if required.