Promotional Branding and Merchandising

Research by the British Promotional Goods Association identifies the top 3 qualities of a perfect promotional product as:

  1. Useful  – 50%
  2. Unique – 11%
  3. Personalised – 11%

We deliver 100% on all three!

The highly innovative Picnic table is unbeatable in a business to business scenario. The legs present your message on a large printable area which can be seen from all sides, and is not obscured when the table is in use. Place one in the reception area or office of your (potential) customer, and you are effectively planting your salesman in their office! They will see your message all day, every day. When they need the goods or service you provide, why would they even bother to Google when they can just look up and see your contact details staring them in the face? Since the table is a useful object, people do not discard them. It will go on selling for you for months – possibly even years (for less than the cost of 10 minutes of a human salesman’s time)!

The Student an Teacher tables can be used in the same way if you wish – the extra height makes your message stand out even more. The height of the Teacher table makes it the best choice for use in exhibitions.

If you are providing the venue, why not provide branded tables for the stands? It will make sure that every photo at the event has your promotional message in it!

If you display at exhibitions, why not use/give away/sell branded tables? The freebies will enhance your image, and your potential customers will take your sales pitch home with them.

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